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Genetics Verified


DNA Ident Inc. manufactures a unique smart DNA sample collection container called a C-POD™ that stabilizes and preserves genetic material prior to laboratory testing. Ideal for collecting buccal cell, tissue, blood/liquid spot, hair follicle, etc. for DNA fingerprinting.

C-POD™ kits are easy to use, save time at the collection site, and simplify laboratory sample preparation by utilizing an embedded RFID read/write data chip to capture and track sample information. As a replacement for current manual methods, the C-POD™ streamlines the DNA sample collection process by eliminating the need for handwritten labels and paperwork.

C-PODS interlock to form a microtiter plate cluster for high throughput genotyping and are automation compatible with liquid handling robotics.

C-PODS provide a faster, low cost, error free, automated method to manage data, store laboratory samples, and retrieve high value samples for genetic analysis.

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